About Lake Tamarisk

A Brief History

Lake Tamarisk and its manmade lake, golf course, and swimming pool were built in the 1960s by Henry J. Kaiser as a recreation area for management personnel at the nearby Eagle Mountain Mine. When the mine closed in 1982, the park was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In May of 1984, Ralph Kennedy, Harold Cook, and Joe Chambers purchased the park and turned it into a 55+ Airstream-only park, naming it Lake Tamarisk Land Yacht Harbor. The park underwent major repairs and Kennedy Hall was transformed from a large laundromat with washers and dryers on concrete pedestals to a gathering space much like it is now. People already living in the park were allowed to stay without owning an Airstream. In 1996, the Airstream requirement was dropped.

Today, Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort is a 150-space RV and mobile home park. It is an active, vibrant, membership owned, 55+ community that fills up each winter with happy souls seeking warmth, community, and sunshine.

Lake Tamarisk Sign

What our Residents Say…

Wintering at Lake Tamarisk could be considered a unique experience. If you like to shop every day, or dine out many times a week, it may not be your preferred spot to winter. Those events are but an hour’s drive away. But what we have is like an extended family who will reach out to help, entertain and just be great neighbors.

We came here 24 years ago with no intention of staying more than 5 days but purchased a space after only 3 days. Our kids asked ‘how did you even find this place’? Now after 20 years one of them has now made this their winter home.

– Gary L.

My love of Lake Tamarisk goes back to the late 1980s when I would visit my folks. I started driving them back and forth staying a week each trip to visit, golf, and attend happy hour.

What a delightful time. What stuck in my mind forever was the camaraderie. Everyone looked after each other and was there to mentally and physically support each other. The smells of the desert, the views of the spectacular mountains surrounding Lake Tamarisk, and the feeling I got when there is what brought me back.

I love it. I love the people and I love the feeling. – Sharon D.

10 years ago my husband and I ran into a group of ATV riders in the desert and asked where they were riding from. They told us of a hidden oasis called Lake Tamarisk. The next time we planned a vacation we decided to check it out, and the rest is history. We started renting often and I felt at peace here. We quickly bought and are still enjoying every day we are here. This community consists of a highly active senior community that is supportive of others and knows how to have fun. – Marta


Sunrise in the desert
Lake Fountain