Lake Tamarisk Golf Course is a Riverside County public course that is located one block from Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort. It is a 9-hole course with 2 tee boxes at each hole making it great for 18 holes.

On this uncrowded course, there are no tee times. Resort members use their own power golf carts or push carts. During the winter months, tournaments are offered by both the residents of Lake Tamarisk and the golf course. Lake Tamarisk has an active Men’s Club, Ladies Club, and Couples Day. Details are below.

Lake Tamarisk Golf Course
Lake Tamarisk Golf Course

Green Fees

9 holes: $16
18 holes:  $22
Junior (under 16):  $5

7 days in a row:  $93

Single:  $264
Couple:  $412

Single:  $720
Couple:  $1078

Book of 10 (9 holes):  $132
Book of 10 (18 holes):  $176
Book of 20 (9 holes):  $248
Book of 20 (18 holes):  $330
Daily:  $3
Monthly:  $22
Annual:  $165

Ladies Club

Ladies Day is every Tuesday morning from November through March. Each week there is a 9-hole or 18-hole play of the day. Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month with lunch after.

Course/Slope Ratings: 69.9/104

Club Dues: $25/year
Weekly Fees: $1 + $6/month for social

2024/25 Club President: Julie Anderson
2023/24 Club Champion: Patti Cockroft

Ladies Club Photo

Golf Gallery

Ladies Invitational

Night Golf

Mixed Horserace

Lake Tamarisk Golf Course - 7th hole

Men’s Club

Men’s Day at the course is every Wednesday morning from November through March. Each week there is an 18-hole play of the day.

Men’s Course Rating: 66.9
Men’s Slope Rating: 100

Club Dues: $25/year
Weekly Fees: $5

Club President: Barry Reid
2023/24 Club Champion: Dean Raynor

Couples Day

The Lake Tamarisk Couples Day is every Friday morning from November through March. Couples meet at 8:15 am at the starting shack on Lake Tamarisk Drive. The play is an 18-hole scramble that changes each week. The winning couple is in charge of planning the following week’s match.

Weekly Fees: $1
Bring your own drinks for after at the CSA Hall