ELECTRICITY SERVICE is provided by Southern California Edison. To set up service:

  • Go to this page on SCE’s website OR
  • Call 800-684-8123 for existing service OR
  • Call 800-655-4555 for new service

Edison has Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort listed as 87 Tamarisk Space__ so when setting up your electricity service, this is the address that you will provide.

GAS SERVICE is provided by SoCalGas. To set up service:

  • Go to this page on the SoCalGas website OR
  • Call Customer Service (24 hours) at 800-427-2200

They will send out a service technician to inspect your gas service and turn it on for free.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes SoCalGas will put a lock on the gas shut-off valve if you turn off the gas before the meter when you leave the park for the summer. To avoid this, turn off the gas directly at the source instead; e.g. the stove, the water heater, the dryer, or the furnace.

Water, sewer, and garbage are included in monthly dues.