The new dumpsters are for household garbage only. Garbage must be secured in a tied-up garbage bag. Cat litter, ashes, and loose dust must also be placed in a secured plastic bag. Dumpsters will be emptied weekly.


Construction materials and waste (e.g. wood, molding, old fixtures, etc.), furniture, appliances, batteries, tires or rims, paint, oil, water heaters, furnaces, golf bags, TV’s, plants, etc. All these items are your responsibly to take to the transfer station in Blythe or Indio.

Please approach the garbage and recycling area for the west side (the left side as you approach).


Cardboard: Cardboard is to be flattened and placed in the bin to the right of the dumpsters

Cans:  Crush and place in appropriate bin

Plastic bottles:  1) Remove lid, 2) Crush just like cans, 3) Put lid back on, and 4) Place in appropriate bin