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What are phone numbers for fire and police?2023-11-22T14:42:56+00:00


Fire Dept. Station 49
43880 Lake Tamarisk Drive
Desert Center, CA 92239


Desert Center & Eagle Mountain


Riverside County Sheriff Dept.

Oasis Sheriff’s Dept.
82695 Doctor Carreon Blvd
Indio, CA 92201


Library Information2023-11-22T14:43:08+00:00

Lake Tamarisk library is part of the Riverside County Library System and is located next door to the Firehouse. Apply for a library card and you can reserve any book in the County. Public computers and wireless printing services are available.

Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Phone: 760-227-3273

Click here for more information

How do I receive mail and packages?2023-11-22T14:40:54+00:00

UPS and FedEx will deliver directly to the park.  Use the following address to receive packages:

26250 Parkview Drive, Lot #__
Desert Center, CA  92239

There is a Post Office in Desert Center which is located at:

44300 Ragsdale Rd
Desert Center, CA 92239

The post office is open Monday thru Friday from 9:30 am – 12:30, 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

The postal service does not deliver mail to Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort.  Members and renters may use the LTDR PO Box 255 for up to 30 days. After that, you may rent a PO Box at the Post Office for a small fee. When receiving mail through the post office, use this address:

PO Box ___
Desert Center, CA 92239

If you are unsure of how something will be delivered, include both your Lot # and your PO Box:

26250 Parkview Drive, Lot#__
PO Box ___
Desert Center, CA  92239

How do I get Wi-Fi?2023-11-22T14:44:04+00:00

Thanks to a grant from the solar company, WiFi is available to our members at a reasonable cost with the flexibility of only having to pay for the months that you are actually using it in the park.

Should you opt to use this service, your monthly cost covers general maintenance of the base equipment and our payment to Jet Wire who supplies the connection. It does not cover the individual equipment that may be necessary.  All labor to maintain the system, set up service, fix problems, etc. is volunteer.  No one is getting paid to do this.

All WiFi service requires a password.  You need to make sure your password is easy to remember and written down somewhere. There is no list of passwords kept so if you forget it, there is no way to easily recover it.  There is no security issues with our WiFi service, so the password does not need to be complicated.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the office or Ross Ryding in Lot #127.


Member FAQs

Do I need to pay property tax?2023-04-22T19:10:53+00:00

If you have a mobile home on your lot, you are required to pay personal property tax in Riverside County.  Property tax bills are mailed out in late September/early October and are payable in two equal installments. To avoid late-payment penalties, the first installment must be paid by December 10th, if not a weekend or holiday; and the second installment by April 10th.

Click here for more information on how to pay.


How much are homeowner dues?2023-06-19T16:26:12+00:00

Homeowner dues are $180 per month per lot. This pays for your water, garbage, and sewer. The dues also go towards employing live-in managers to care for and protect our property and maintain our park. To set up an automatic payment through your bank, use the following address and note your lot number(s):

Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort
PO Box 255
Desert Center, CA  92239

Online payments are not yet available.

How do I set up utilities?2023-04-22T19:11:33+00:00

ELECTRICITY SERVICE is provided by Southern California Edison. To set up service:

  • Go to this page on SCE’s website OR
  • Call 800-684-8123 for existing service OR
  • Call 800-655-4555 for new service

Edison has Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort listed as 87 Tamarisk Space__ so when setting up your electricity service, this is the address that you will provide.

GAS SERVICE is provided by SoCalGas. To set up service:

  • Go to this page on the SoCalGas website OR
  • Call Customer Service (24 hours) at 800-427-2200

They will send out a service technician to inspect your gas service and turn it on for free.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sometimes SoCalGas will put a lock on the gas shut-off valve if you turn off the gas before the meter when you leave the park for the summer. To avoid this, turn off the gas directly at the source instead; e.g. the stove, the water heater, the dryer, or the furnace.

Water, sewer, and garbage are included in monthly dues.

How do I get approval for an improvement to my lot?2023-04-22T19:12:05+00:00

Any and all improvements must conform to Riverside County and California Building Codes, as well as Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort (LTDR) improvement requirements. Some projects require only LTDR approval while other projects require both LTDR approval and Riverside County Building Permits

Examples of projects that require only Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort approval are:

  1. Concrete work both on grade and above grade. If you cover the service lines, you are responsible for the cost to remove the concrete should it become necessary to repair those lines
  2. Privacy Partitions
  3. Stairs. Full access to read meters and repair equipment must be available

Examples of projects that require both Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort approval and Riverside County Building Permits are:

  1. Mobile home placement
  2. Carport covers
  3. New decks or modify the size and structure of an existing deck
  4. Patio Covers
  5. Awnings
  6. All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
  7. Exterior and interior remodeling of existing mobile homes

Obtaining Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort approval and Riverside County Building Permits are the sole responsibility of the property owner. All approvals and permits must be approved and issued prior to any work being performed.

A copy of the permit must be supplied to LTDR office or Board to be placed in your Membership History File. If you have any questions as to what is required please contact either the LTDR Compliance Board Member or contact the LTDR office.

What are the setback rules for making improvements to my lot?2023-04-22T19:12:16+00:00

This document shows the dimensions of a lot and the setbacks required for any structure like a deck, patio, shed, landscape, awnings, etc. Click on the image to make it larger.

Where can I dispose of construction materials?2023-04-22T21:41:48+00:00

You’ve just completed a project and you are wondering what to do with that old wood or carpet or bathroom fixture.  There are 2 options:

  1. Every year on the first Thursday in February and the first Thursday in August, the Desert Center Landfill is open for free. The February date is a Lake Tamarisk annual event where residents with trucks and trailers will come by and take whatever you have to throw out including furniture, construction materials, appliances, hazardous materials, electronics, etc.
  2. The 2nd option is the Coachella Transfer Station located at 87011 Landfill Road, Coachella, CA 92236. Click here to see what kind of materials they take.  A standard pick-up bed full costs $14. If you have more than that, the cost is by weight. They are open Mondays thru Saturdays.

Buying & Selling FAQs

How do I become a member of Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort?2023-04-22T19:10:37+00:00

This is a membership-owned park.  There is a $1000 one-time non-refundable membership fee. You are purchasing the exclusive right to the use of the lot of your choice which you may resell at a later date. There are monthly maintenance fees to employ live-in managers to care for and protect our property and maintain our park.

To purchase the use of a lot in this park, you must first apply for and be granted a membership in the park. Ask to speak to our Membership Director or another member of the Board of Directors who will explain the procedures to you. In the absence of Directors, our managers will help you.

How to obtain membership:

  1. Read the Bylaws and Park Rules to be sure that you understand how the park is operated.
  2. Look at the list of lots for sale on this website and choose the space that interests you.
  3. When you have made a choice, contact the owner of the property directly to discuss a sale. Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort does not involve itself in the actual sale of the property.
  4. When you have made and had an offer accepted, you must then submit the membership application with copies of proof of age to the Board Membership Chair who will then set up a meeting with the membership/welcoming committee. Board approval of membership application is required BEFORE proceeding with the purchase or exchange of money.
  5. The Board of Directors will notify the office that you have been accepted so they may contact the seller and make arrangements to collect any balances owing against that property. This is for your protection.
  6. Once your membership has been approved, you may then make arrangements to transfer the money and buy the property.
  7. You may not take possession of the property until such time as the previous owner has paid their outstanding balances, submitted the seller’s statement with the transfer fee, and confirmed the completion date.

Click here to download the membership packet.


What is needed to acquire and title a mobile home in Riverside County, California?2023-04-22T19:11:18+00:00

You will need the following to properly acquire and title a mobile home in Riverside County, California, Information is accurate as of December 2022.

  1. Manufactured Home Bill of Sale
  2. Mobilehome Tax Clearance Certificate Request, County of Riverside Treasurer-Tax Collector  951-955-3900. This will take approximately 60 days to receive after filing.
  3. Fill out a Private Party Sale for a Home on Local Property Tax with HCD Certificate of Title and submit within 20 days of purchase.  Send it in immediately, even without the required Tax Clearance Certificate or you will have to pay a fine.  This form also explains how to get a new title and registration if those 2 documents aren’t available.
  4. Go to this page and download the Change in Ownership Statement.  Complete this as soon as the Title is received. This form can be sent one of three ways:
    Fax: (951) 955-0420
    Email:  TitleHelpDesk@asreclkrec.com
    County of Riverside Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder
    PO Box 751
    Riverside, CA 92502-0751
  5. For general information, the California Department of Housing and Community Development website is helpful and is linked here:  www.hcd.ca.gov/manufactured-and-mobilehomes


How do I put my lot up for sale?2023-04-22T19:11:44+00:00

Contact the office or fill out a form online describing your lot, the price, and what is included in the sale; e.g. golf cart, shed, furnishings, etc. Your listing will be added to the website under Lots for Sale.

What paperwork do I need to sell my lot?2023-04-22T19:11:53+00:00

If you are selling a lot with a manufactured home on it, you will need the following:

  • Bill of sale
  • Title and registration
  • Current with homeowner dues

If you are selling a lot with a park model or an RV, you will need the following:

  • Bill of sale
  • Title and registration
  • Current with homeowner dues

If you are selling an empty lot, you will need the following:

  • Bill of sale
  • Current with homeowner dues


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