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New Member Application

This is a membership-owned park. When you purchase a space in Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort, you are purchasing the exclusive right to the use of the space of your choice which you may resell at a later date. You do not “own” the land. There is a $1500 one-time non-refundable membership fee .

To purchase the use of a space in this park you must first apply for and be granted membership in the park. You may speak to our Membership Director or any Board member if you have any questions. Please read, print, and complete the Membership Application Packet.

Current Member – New Space Application

If you are a current member of Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort and would like to purchase a 2nd space, please print and fill out the following form.

Putting your Space up for Sale

If you want to put your space up for sale, please fill out the form attached below. Upon submission, your space will be listed on the Lake Tamarisk website.